Image from Cellar Door Fest 2021 — with edits

Image by Phytality

Image by Pineapple Supply Co.


Photo by Pixabay

Pictured: some of the delicious menu items found at Lord of the Fries

Living in a society that normalizes cruelty has become traumatic

Melancholy III (1902) by Edvard Munch / rawpixel

  1. A hippy who chains themselves to trees, is unemployed and rarely showers;
  2. Someone malnourished and unhealthy who must be dying of a protein deficiency;
  3. A health freak who is plant based (which is different to vegan); or
  4. A “you must be fun at parties” person who must be boring and misses out all the time.

Elysha Cruelty Free

I can do everything you can do — just vegan! Sharing how easy and accessible veganism is. I also share my vegan lifestyle via Instagram @crueltyfreelysha.

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